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For the past 33 years, the Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival has raised funds for area non-profit organizations and their extremely worthwhile and effective causes.

Each year, the Festival Board performs an in-depth research of applicants and does on-site visits to choose a beneficiary for the following year's festival and quilt raffle proceeds. The Board is then privileged to work closely with these chosen organizations and our dedicated volunteers to plan and implement the next year's festival events.

Since 1981, the Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival has proudly raised millions of dollars for many well deserved charitable organizations. As we continue to grow, the Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival Board not only looks forward to each year's festival and the new friends that we make along the way, but we cherish the opportunity to learn about and assist the many wonderful organizations in our community for years to come. To view a list of our past recipients, click here.

The Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival is currently accepting applications for the 2016 Festival and Quilt Raffle beneficiaries.  All applications are due no later than April 15, 2015.

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The Fairfield Christmas Tree, Inc. 2013-2014 Board of Directors

President: Ms. Moira Sargent Rachel

Vice President: Mrs. John Murphy (Colleen)

Treasurer:  Ms. Sherry Rago

Asst. Treasurer:  Mrs. Pat Gardner

Secretary:   Mrs. William Kaiser (Karen)

Immediate Past President: Mrs. Dwight C. Wheeler, II (Carol)


Members of the Board:   

Mrs. Robert Amberg (Shaun)

Mrs. Mark Bento (Nancy)

Mrs. Richard Bernstein (Samantha)

Mrs. Philip Craft (Donna)

Mrs. Renee Daley

Mrs. Timothy P. Finn (Elizabeth)

Mrs. Richard FitzSimons (Kathy)

Mrs. John Haskard (Deryl)

Mrs. Robert P. Lalley (Sarah)

Ms. Christina M. Longden

Mrs. Mark T. Mayo (Marinelle)

Ms. Nancy Murren

Mrs. Timothy Nick (Kristin)

Mrs. William M. Raveis, Jr. (Candy)

Mrs. David Sprows (Lori)

Mrs. Jeffrey Wheeler (Jessica)

Ms. Kendra Wingate

Mrs. Jeffrey Zeleny (Toni) 

Honorary Board:

Mrs. T. Brooks Barrett (Kelly)

Mrs. Christopher Bartlett (Jennifer)

Mrs. Charles Ellis (Jane)

Mrs. Samuel Hawley (Ingrid)

Mrs. Robert Johnston (Kathy)

Mrs. T. Dexter Lenci (Joanne)

Mrs. George Little (Mary)

Mrs. Ralph McEldowney (Jeanne)

Mrs. William Meddaugh (Cathy)

Mrs. Donald Montana (Bonnie)

Mrs. Patty Moore
Mrs. William Murphy (Kristi)

Mrs. Reed H. Perry (Margee)

Mrs. James P. Ryan (Judy)

Mrs. William M. Sherts (Mary Martha

Mrs. Brian Silvestro (Jane)

Mrs. Grove Stoddard (Ann)

Mrs. George Tappert (Judy)

Mrs. Paul Timpanelli (Carol)

Mrs. Robert C. Tremaglio (Cathy)

Ms. Barbara Viner (Barb)

Mrs. Sally Wallace

Mrs. Steven Waugh (Ellen)

Mrs. David Weiss (Stacey)

Mrs. David B. Wheeler (Sheila)

Mrs. Jonathan Wheeler (Eileen)

Mrs. William Willett (Pat)

Mrs. J. Philips Zerega, (Cecily) 

 If you have any questions, please email us at contact@fairfieldchristmastreefestival.com

Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival, Inc.
P.O. Box 844
Southport, CT 06890

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